Pictured L to R: Cristin, Jodi, Zach, Matt and Jake

Matt Coppess



How does someone go from Drill Sergeant to Youth Minister?  Matt probably doesn't know either but after 3 years at West Point and a bad shoulder injury, he found himself back home in Lansing directing Holt Campus Life for Lansing YFC.  Matt was a Campus Life kid in high school and admits one day his senior year he thought, "Yeah I could do this."  God was listening and 22 years later Matt is still at Campus Life every week.  Matt has a passion for reaching teens with Christ's love and developing leaders and teams to do the same.  When Matt is not Campus Life'n it up, he is with his wife Jodi and their kids Jake (Jaker), Cristin (Gracer Racer), and Zach (Zach Attack).  Together they are either rooting on the Dallas Cowboys, or enjoying the outdoors...Matt is one of those obsessive hunter types.  Feel free to contact Matt anytime at MMCampusLife@aol.com.