The backbone of YFC

  • Ben – Bay City Campus Life

    I decided to check out Campus Life when I was in high school and see if it was something I was interested in. It was! The first meeting with CL held maybe 7-10 students. But the message and focus of the group grabbed my attention immediately. They were all about sharing Jesus with teens. I knew how badly He was needed in my generation so I jumped on board full force and attended every meeting I could. Soon after becoming a part of CL, I would arrive with a van full of teens from my school. I've been a part of CL for 7 years and I don't think God is calling me elsewhere. I long to see students find a REAL relationship with Jesus and I will always be here to help Campus Life in anyway.

  • Rachel – Saginaw Campus Life

    I've always gone to church but I got really serious about my faith in high school. When I was accepted to SVSU I wanted to work with high school youth because I know how hard high school.  I owe so much to the college leaders of my Young Life (sort of like Campus Life) group because they had such a great influence on me and are part of the reason I am who I am.  I feel like I can make a difference for Christ in helping kids who were like me in high school. 

  • Stacey – Saginaw Campus Life

    Executive Director Matt Coppess attended my church one Sunday. I asked him how I could get involved with CL. He told me to come check it out and see if I liked it. I went the next day and liked what I saw. I have been doing CL for 3 yrs now. I love to see the kids come to know the Lord & grow stronger in Him. I will continue to be a CL worker as long as they need me.

  • George – Saginaw Campus Life

    When we were invited to help start Youth for Christ in our area we realized this was an opportunity to reach teens for our Savior Jesus. We have learned that the "age gape" is not as significant as we tend to think as most teens are looking for someone to love them, regardless of the age difference. We are so thankful to God for allowing us to see their lives change as they come to know Him and follow Him.

  • Jake – Bay City Campus Life

    My relationship with Christ grew phenomenally as I began going to Campus Life in High School. It was a place where I could be myself . I started volunteering last year and love meeting new teens, making great connections, and fostering awesome friendships with each of them.

  • Jen – Saginaw Campus Life

    I started going to campus life in high school and fell in love with the group. I am now in college and love being a volunteer. I feel it’s an amazing thing for these kids to know that they can count on me for anything that they need.  I love that I have been given the opportunity to help change kids lives for the better and to help them know that they have and will always have a place to go when they need help.  

  • Dan – Saginaw Campus Life

     I went through a lot throughout my childhood and teen years. Moving around from school to school, bullies, etc. and I want to help other kids get through the same things I had to. That is why I want to be a leader at Campus Life. 

  • Jason Beck leads our Juvenile Justice Ministry at the Saginaw Juvenile Detention Center. They meet the first three Tuesday nights of the month, and break into groups and help the teens read and talk about the Bible.  They truly have fun talking and answering questions the teens have about the Bible, Jesus, and life in general.  Along with Pastor Billy Strawter they also provide a Sunday morning chapel three Sundays each month.  Their program is simple; preach right from God’s Word into surprisingly open hearts. Jason says, “I never ask why they are in this predicament.  I care about those things and I wonder about them, but I don’t ask. We are just there to love them for Christ.”

  • Rebecca - Bay City Campus Life

    My name is Rebecca Jacobs. I am a sophomore at Delta College, studying Graphic Design with a minor in Photography. I am a Campus Life volunteer because I love to work with the students, and help bring them closer to Christ. I always look forward to Monday nights, and spending time with the kids. Campus Life also helps me find balance in my life between my classes, my social life, and my spiritual life.

  • Vanessa – Bay City Campus Life

    Hello my name is Vanessa, I am originally from Huron County but currently living in Bay City with my handsome husband Brad. I am a therapist in an outpatient mental health clinic. When I was a student in high school I was involved in thumb Youth For Christ- CL. The leaders were a great role models and support during those "complicated teen years". When I went to college and started my education at SVSU I was informed that there was Youth For Christ in the area. I felt called by God to give back and impact teens lives. Of course though once you start volunteering for YFC it becomes addicting and you want to do it every year. After 2 years of Campus Life adventures whether it was at Monday night Club, Cedar Point or even our week Florida trip I had to take a break from Campus Life to complete my education. While carrying on with my busy life I started really missing CL and the teens. Last year I was informed that CL was having Monday night Club right down the street from me. I gave it to God and asked him where he wanted me. So I got back involved and I am again enjoying my life with wild, rambunctious teenagers. I love helping with Campus life and seeing how God places each and every teen at Club. These teens have a lot going on in their lives and Campus life is a great place from them to come make friends, play outrageous games, have someone to help hold them accountable and share God’s love with them. I encourage anyone who reads this to come check out Campus Life Monday night Club. You will wish you would have done it sooner!!

  • Brad - Bay City Campus Life

    Hi I am Brad. I am from Ft. Myers, Florida. I moved to Michigan in 2008 and moved in with some family in Bay City. Little did I know that God would lead me to my wife Vanessa. Since moving to Michigan I started college at Saginaw Valley State University for social work. I am currently in the program and working towards my masters degree in social work. My hope is to eventually work with teenagers in a residential setting. I enjoy working with teens, sharing my story and encourage them in the right direction. Campus life gives me an opportunity to have fun with teens and be a good role model. My favorite thing to do is work and do homework, just kidding. In my free time I enjoy sports, video games, spending time with friends and awesome wife. My favorite campus life memory was dressing up as buddy the elf and surprising the teens during the Campus Life leader dance. I am excited about Campus Life this year and the relationships that I will get to form.

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